Patriots Ticket Prices On The Secondary Market Lead NFL For 3rd Straight Season

With Patriots single game tickets on sale today, I wanted to share some information regarding the Patriots secondary market from TicketIQ and As of 10:05am, only single tickets were available on for Jets, Bills for $90 in the upper corner of Gillette (at 50% below cheapest on secondary), with all other games completely sold out. For the third straight season, the Patriots are the most expensive secondary market tickets in the NFL with an average asking price of $501.




In addition to high demand, the Patriots top TicketIQ's most expensive list because they again have fewest available tickets on the secondary market, as they have every season since 2011 (when TicketIQ began tracking this information). Below is the 'get-in' price for each game on the secondary market. The November 4th game vs Green Bay is currently the most expensive of the season, commanding an $475 average asking price. The home opener vs Houston is 2nd most expensive with an average asking price of $718. The home finale vs the Jets is the cheapest game. Despite the AFC East matchups with the Bill and Jets in the final two home games, the low prices seems to suggest that that market doesn't expect them to be meaningful game.




To break down the prices for each area of Gillette, AceTicket provided sales data by section. As you can see below, the Upper Corner is the cheapest option, with an sales price for the 2018 season of $239. This section was also the cheapest option during the 2017 season, where average sale price was $212. Lower Level Center, perhaps the cream of the crop at Gillette Stadium, actually saw a decrease this season. The average sales price for 2018 is $822, $88 (about 9.7%) cheaper than last season ($910). Patriots Ticket Prices

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