Giants Have Already Won the World the Box Office

The Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants open up baseball's 106th World Series tonight. While odds makers have the series in a dead heat, at the box office, the Giants have already clinched.
While the average price at both venues constitutes a down payment, San Franciscans are paying 14% more than Rangers fans.  As as you can see in the chart below, this is trend carried over from the Divisional Series and LCS, where Giants fans paid 28% and 18% more than the fans in Arlington. The Giants were the most active adopter of dynamic pricing in 2010, and perhaps the high prices are the result of a fan base that is better conditioned to pay more for big games.
If the Giants can bring the Golden City its first baseball crown, the $1,500 average price will feel like money well spent.  If the Rangers prevail, Baseball Torture in Frisco will move beyond the psychic to the economic.
To see prices for any WS games, or to buy tickets, click on the links below.

Game 1 (SF) --- Game 2 (SF) --- Game 3 (TEX) --- Game 4 (TEX) --- Game 5 (TEX) --- Game 6 (SF) --- Game 7 (SF)

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