The World's First Ever TiqSim, from TicketIQ and OperationSports

December 11, 2010

To a sports fan, seeing the thrill of victory in person is the ultimate reward. Unfortunately, not every game turns out the way you want it to. If you’d prefer to avoid that 9-3 loss in 20 degree weather or that 7-1 blowout, TicketIQ and OperationSports are introducing TiqSims to help.  In addition to providing you all the data you need to get the best deal, we’ll be running game simulations on the biggest games of the week.  We hope this gives you a better idea of what you’re getting in return for your hard-earned dollars.
Our inaugural TiqSim takes place at the Worlds Most Famous Arena— Madison Square Garden—and features two of the NBA’s biggest stars: Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.  Game one features The Nuggets vs. Knicks on Sunday, 12/12 and Game two features The Heat vs. Knicks on Friday, 12/17.   Over the last year, Knicks fans have spent a lot of energy wondering if ‘Bron and Melo would end up in Orange and Blue.  Now they get the chance to root against them and see if their 15-9 Knicks can continue their hot play against two elite teams.
According to our TiqSims, both games will come down to the wire.  Not surprisingly, both Anthony and James have huge games.  Unfortunately for Knicks fans, both games end up going against the home team. Because of the relative value of the Nuggets/Knicks game (19% below Knicks home avg.), we give it a TiqSim rating of 9.  Because of the astronomical price for Knicks/Heat (232% above Knicks home avg.), we give it a rating of 8. With dramatic finishes and the mega star wattage on display, however, these are both games you’ll be talking about for weeks, if not years, to come.

Deal Tips

Nuggets/Knicks, 12/12.
With less than 24 hours to Knicks/Nuggets, prices remain 19% below the Knicks $156 home average and 9% above their $138 day-game average. As a result, there are some great deals, especially in TiqZone 300's Corner where prices are down 38% over the last week and there are still over 300 tickets available.

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Heat/Knicks, 12/17.
As for the Heat game on Friday night, this is as big, and expensive as it gets. At an average price of $518, tickets are selling for 232% more than the Knicks season average, and should remain very high all the way to gameday. While the best deal on the board is around $140, quantity remains very high, with over 6,000 tickets available. With only 6 days until the game, if tickets don’t move, prices could drop as much as 25%, especially in TiqZones with the largest amount of inventory, like 300's and 400's Corner. Keep your eyes peeled.

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