2011 World Series Prices Down 35% from 2010. Still Expensive.

With the Rangers’ pursuit of #1 and the Cardinals in pursuit of #11, a lot is at stake, and as always, it's expensive to see the Fall Classic in perso. The good news for buyers is that it's not as expensive as last year. Overall, the Rangers fans seem to want it a bit more, as they are paying a series average of $898 vs. the Cards series average of $777 (yes, Vegas, $777). Despite the high prices in in Arlington, they are still 27% below last years average of $1,244.  As for home series openers, the Rangers win this battle within the price war running away, at a $1,021 avg. price for Game 3 vs. a Cards $575 avg. price for Game 1.

Without the fiscal abandon of one, the Rangers first-ever World Series Appearance and two, the Giants Baseball: Torture, the avg. price across the entire series is down 35%.  While Cards fans are understandably giddy about their 'Happy Bus-Rally Squirrel' run, this is also their 3rd World Series in 8 years.  Throw in a still-precarious economy, and the Cards World Series, 2011-edition is featuring much more Pizza, Beer and Couches than 2006 or 2004.

Yet, despite the allure of 50 Inches and saving some serious coin, seasoned Cardinals fans – and ticket sellers – know that high-drama demands a high price.  If it comes down to a Game 7 at Busch, the average price moves into 4-figures.  For a walk-off series winner, it would feel like a bargain.

With the match-up for these storied franchises, TicketIQ decided to take a look at how the demand for tickets is reflected in ticket prices for each game of the Series. To do this, we charted the average price for the 7 games.

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