Despite Growing Excitement, BCS Title Game Tickets Fall 24% in the Last Week

December 23, 2011

The BCS title game is just over two weeks away, and while excitement for the rematch continues to build, prices have begun to drop over the last week. The average listing price for BCS title game in New Orleans is down 24% since 12/15, from an average of $2742 to $2075 today. The get-in price has also dropped 22%, from $1415 on 12/15 to $1100 today. Value minded buyers should keep a close eye on eBay auctions, as sellers worried that the price may drop further may start to get aggressive. At last glance, there were several auctions ending within an hour that had last bids of under $1,000.

Still, even with the recent drop in price, tickets for round two of this SEC showdown are 194% more expensive than their regular season meeting in Tuscaloosa back in early November. They're also 491% above the next closest bowl--The Cotton Bowl--in terms of price, so by no means are tickets cheap. If you've been thinking about going, though, now is the time to start paying closer attention to the market as deals should start to come with more frequency. For all listings, click on the view tickets button below: