The Economics of Tebowing: Ticket Prices for Broncos vs. Bears up 47%

December 6, 2011

Following Sunday’s win over the Vikings in Minnesota, the Broncos are now 6-1 with Tim Tebow as a starter, and out of nowhere, in pole position for the AFC West title.  In addition lifting the Broncos in the standing, Tebow's impact has been felt off the field as well.  Journalists can't stop talking about him, kids are genuflecting in the streets, and as of this week, even Bill Cosby has chimed in with his own pretzel logic on the Tao of Tebow.

He is also driving up ticket prices, and this week's match up vs. the Bears evidence of his power to not only control events, but also to make people spend money. Since his first start, the average price for this weekend's game has jumped 47%, to $351. The current get-in price is $175. The biggest spike came after the Broncos improbable, last-minute win the Jets in week 11, which saw the price increase 17%.

With just a few days before the game at Mile High, and the buzz amplifying by the hour, we expect that prices will continue to go up.  Even for analytical minds like ours, it's impossible to quantify how much of the price increase is the result of Tebow the man versus the results that he elicits. True believers, however, will tell you that's exactly the point; that you can't separate the man from the result, and that as a mere mortal, you can only hope to witness it first hand...whatever the price.