Linsanity Drives Knicks-Lakers Tickets Up 26% Since Tuesday

February 9, 2012

Between the Knicks early season struggles and Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony both sidelined, ticket prices for Friday's game vs. the Lakers took a major hit. The average price for the game fell from $544 in mid-January down to $400 on Tuesday, a drop of over 25%.

That all changed when Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene and Linsanity took over The Garden this week. After three great games by the Harvard grad--and three straight Knicks wins--prices for Knicks tickets at Madison Square Garden have begun to climb, rising 26% since Tuesday from $407 to $514 (as of 11 AM today).

It's amazing that a guy who wasn't even part of Mike D'Antoni's "plans" now has a bigger effect on ticket prices than the absence of the Knicks two superstars. Lin was sleeping on his brother's couch a couple weeks ago, and now he's the biggest show on Broadway.

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