Stanley Cup Final Prices lowest in 3 years. 33% lower after Rangers Ousted.

May 31, 2012

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, or in this case, the Stanley Cup Finals, tickets to a championship event are never cheap. With ticket prices for all seven games between the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings averaging $1,232/seat secondary market, this year’s chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup is no different. However, when comparing this years data with the last three year’s of Stanley Cup Finals ticket prices, Devils and Kings fans are looking at a relative bargain.

As shown above, prices for this year’s series are the least expensive of that last three years. Last season, when the Bruins faced the Canucks in the Final, the average ticket was costing buyers $1,473, and in 2010-11, when the Blackhawks and Flyers met in the Finals, the average ticket was selling for a whopping $2,234 per seat. In comparison, this year’s $1,152 price tag is 22% lower than last year and 48% lower than 2010.

Despite a classic 90's-rap-era-East Coast/West Coast battle, neither team would be considered among the NHL's marquee franchises. Moreover, in the City of Angels, the Lakers are still the "kings," and their superior post-season success notwithstanding, Marty and the Devils still play little-brother to The Blueshirts. In addition, the season average prices sat towards the bottom of the NHL with the Devils averaging $78 per ticket and the Kings averaging just $68.

To further elucidate this point. Were the Rangers--a "Original Six" team with one of the highest secondary market average prices in the NHL--to have advanced to The Cup, the average price for this year’s Final would jump all the way up $1879 thanks to the $2,400 average price Rangers finals tickets were selling for prior to their elimination. Either way, fans in both cities will happily accept the discounted prices. If you'd like tickets to any remaining Stanley Cup Finals game, click on the ticket link below.