2012 MLB All-Star Game: The Hottest Ticket in KC in Almost 30 Years

27 years ago, the Royals were on top of the baseball world. They made the postseason in 7 of the previous 10 seasons, and had just won their first World Series title in franchise history.

Since then, however, Royals baseball has seen its share of some rough times, with many seasons ending with them in or near their division’s basement. But with the 2012 MLB All-Star game heading to KC, fans in the area once again have something to look forward to and we wanted to see just how excited fans in KC are. To do this we created this chart comparing the last three years of Home Run Derby and All-Star Game ticket prices. As you might expect, with fans in the area dying for a big game, tickets prices in KC are through the roof.

As you can see above, tickets to this year’s derby and ASG are both much more expensive than in each of the previous two seasons. With an average price of $823, tickets for this year’s midsummer classic are selling for 180% more than last year’s game in Arizona and 39% higher than the 2010 ASG in Anaheim. The Home Run Derby in KC is selling for 169% more than last year’s and 77% more than the 2010 edition.

If you would like to be there in KC for either the derby of the All-Star game itself, click on the view tickets button below:

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