'I Piss Excellence' Wins TeamIQ T-Shirt Contest!

October 29, 2012

TicketIQ’s team USA and team Israel competed for the first of what is sure to be many TeamIQ friendlies this week.

The theme: Crazy Ts.

Team Israel bested team USA by winning the individual and team awards for Craziest T.

Eli Vaknin, TicketIQ’s VP of Research & Development, took the INDIVIDUAL GOLD this week with his ‘I Piss Excellence’ shirt. We found the humor so inspiring that we are creating a mission statement (or tag line) based on replacing ‘I’ with ‘We.’ ;)

Team Israel completed the sweep of this week’s friendly by taking home the TEAM GOLD with a potent combination of Ts: Bacon Makes Everything Better, Dyslexics Are People Poo, and an ode to one our CEO’s now defunct .Coms: Browseup.com.*

*Note: our CEO is a lifelong New Yorker (and American), but happened to be visiting our Israel office when the competition took place.

Stay tuned for the next TeamIQ friendly (we’re keeping the theme a secret… oh the intrigue!).

Team Israel’s Crazy Ts:

Team USA’s Not-So-Crazy Ts: