NFL Week 5 Top Ticket: Manning vs Brady

October 3, 2012

The NFL got a little less crazy in week four in a lot of respects, but it’s still odd to see the New Orleans Saints at the bottom of the NFC South at 0-4 and the Arizona Cardinals at the top of the NFC West at 4-0. With that said, it looks like the rest of the NFL is starting to take form, and we’re getting closer to realizing who the true contenders are. Week five will help us get even closer, and we’ll kick things off by previewing the top five priced NFL matchups for the week:

1. BRONCOS @ PATRIOTS - Sunday @ 4:15pm | Avg Price: $539 | Get-in Price: $224 | Weekly Trend: -8%

The most expensive NFL contest of the week showcases the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. It's no surprise that this game takes the top spot in our countdown, after all it is a classic Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady matchup, and few will care to hear about anything else concerning these two teams. It's also the top priced game in New England this season. Both teams are 2-2 and trying to avoid a slip back under .500, but the reality is that this is a duel between two future Hall of Famers in the twilight of their legendary careers. It should be a fantastic battle, and is definitely worth the price of admission.

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2. EAGLES @ STEELERS - Sunday @ 1:00pm | Avg Price: $523 | Get-in Price: $210 | Weekly Trend: +3%

Game number 2  on our list features the 1-2 Steelers and the 3-1 Eagles, and is also the most expensive game in Pittsburgh all season. Both teams are in fairly unlikely spots, but they’re pretty evenly matched on paper. It’s the battle of Pennsylvania, but most will have to admit the scale tips in favor of the Steelers’ at Heinz Field, especially when you factor in the fact that week four was the first time all year that Michael Vick didn’t turn the ball over. Pittsburgh could get running back Rashard Mendenhall back for this matchup, which could give their lethargic ground attack the jolt it needs. Either way you shake it, this will be a game to watch come Sunday.

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3. BROWNS @ GIANTS - Sunday @ 1:00pm | Avg Price: $336 | Get-in Price: $126 | Weekly Trend: +4%

It’s pretty clear New York loves their Giants, as this game is still pretty expensive, even the though defending champs are taking on the lowly Browns. That said, with teams like the Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Saints, and Eagles on the Giants home schedule, this game is actually the 2nd least expensive Giants game at MetLife this season.  Cleveland is 0-4 with a cast of rookie offensive players, but they did give the Baltimore Ravens a run for their money last week - right down to the final play of the game. With that said, the Giants should be too much for Cleveland to handle, as it’s very difficult for a bad team to go toe-to-toe with a superior squad blow for blow two weeks in a row. It should be a worth-while home game for Giants fans as New York routs the hapless Browns.

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4. PACKERS @ COLTS - Sunday @ 1:00pm | Avg Price: $314 | Get-in Price: $128 | Weekly Trend: +10%

Indianapolis has had some trouble selling out sans Peyton Manning, but you know tickets won’t come cheap when the Packers come into town. An elite 15-1 team just a season ago, the Packers got back to 2-2 in week four and are out for blood as they try to prove they’re still among the elite. So it's not too surprising that this game is the Colts most expensive home game of the season. While the Packers are the main draw here, Andrew Luck should be enough to get Colts fans excited, as he goes to battle against an elite passer in Aaron Rodgers. Indy’s defense isn’t good enough to contain the Packers’ potent offense, but their offense could potentially keep up and keep this one very interesting late in the fourth quarter.

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5. CHARGERS @ SAINTS - Sunday @ 8:20pm : Avg Price: $255 | Get-in Price: $53 | Weekly Trend: +12%

The Saints and Chargers go to work on Sunday, as New Orleans attempts to avoid the embarrassment of an impossible to rise from 0-5 hole. The Chargers have looked very good aside from a crushing loss to the Falcons, and should bring their A game in a matchup they know the Saints will give everything to claim. Even though the Saints are somehow winless through four weeks, this is still going to come down to the final few plays, as New Orleans is chomping at the bit for a win and came so close last week at Green Bay. With their season on the line, the Saints should go all-out against Philip Rivers and co. at home. Expect a high-scoring affair. Even though this game is very important for the home town Saints, and did make our top priced week 5 list, this matchup is actually the fourth least expensive game in New Orleans all season.

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