Why you should wait to get Super Bowl Tickets until 15 minutes before the Game

The Super Bowl is the most anticipated and covered sport and media event in the world. While some games live up to the hype, many don’t. Through the mediocrity and glory alike, though, high-ticket prices have been a constant. Super bowl tickets typically sell for 2-3 times face price, and this year face prices range from $850 to $1,250. For the first time in the five years we’ve been tracking the ticket market, prices for the big game may cost you less than they originally sold for.

In modern sports business history, the only other Super Bowl that came close to face price was the post 9/11 Patriots vs. Rams, under what were extreme circumstances. As Darren Rovell outlined in his article earlier this week on factors contributing to this years low prices, there are several reasons why demand has been unusually weak this year.... Read the rest of this article on the Huffington Post.

Super Bowl Tickets

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