How The Marlins Could Make The Heat's 2013 NBA Finals Truly Special

In what has been a remarkable season for the Heat, there is one achievement left. From my perspective, though, it’s not beating the Spurs. Plenty of teams have won three NBA titles. The most impressive achievement for the 2013 Heat may rest squarely the shoulders of the Miami Marlins Big 3: Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison and Nathan Eovaldi.

What do three disabled Miami Marlins have to do with the Heat’s ascendance to NBA legend, you ask? As it turns out, these three players–probably the Marlins’ best–are all close to returning from the disabled list. If they play well for the rest of the year, it’s possible that more than 1.19 million people would actually show up to watch them play. If they don’t draw 1.19 million, the Heat will have accomplished something that no other NBA team ever has: Drawing more fans than their MLB counterparts.

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