Prices In The Bronx Are Up 4% For The 2nd Half, But Cheap Yankees Tickets Are Still Available

Yankee Stadium isn't a cheap place to catch a game, especially when the home team is injury-riddled and under-performing. But flock they do to Yankee Stadium, where this year the first half ticket average was $85. Going forward, for the second half of the season, that figure will rise slightly to $88.

For select series in the coming months, those prices will increase even further. The most expensive is September 24 through September 26 when the Yankees host the Rays, the Yanks' last home series of the 2013 campaign. For that series, the average seat will ring in at around $139. Then, during September 5 through September 8, the Red Sox will visit the House That Ruth Built. Tickets will be, on average, $120 for that home set.

Finally, for a September 20 through September 22 stand against the Giants, tickets will cost $102. However, there are opportunities to grab Yankees tickets at a reasonable rate. If you're looking for cheap Yankees tickets, Crowd Seats has deals all throughout the second half of the season.

Before we get to those big September matchups, the Yankees need to give fans a reason to think this squad isn't headed for a vacation come October. As it stands during the All-Star break, the Yanks are 4th in the East, an uneasy place fans can barely come to terms with. But, then again, when a vast chunk of your payroll has been injured all season, what else can you expect? It stands to reason that the Yankees will improve when they get Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson back in the coming month. When that happens, Robinson Cano can stop having to carry the entire Yankees team on his back. Luckily, the Yankees have had one of the AL's best bullpens this year. Mariano Rivera continues to play like a 20-year-old, and David Robertson, Preston Claiborne and Boone Logan have all bolstered the Yankees' back end.

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