Patriots & Jets Tickets Drive Division Prices To Top of the AFC

August 14, 2013

With a healthy Brady, the Patriots have made five trips to the Super Bowl and cemented their legacy as one of the greatest teams of all time. All that success has made Patriots tickets one of the most expensive in the league and the most expensive in the conference at $382 per seat for the upcoming season, 4.44% higher than last year. It has also made the AFC East the most expensive division in the AFC with an average ticket price of $230 across the four teams. The next closest is the AFC West, led by the Peyton-fueled Broncos, at $188.

Just behind the Pats in the AFC East price rankings are New York Jets tickets, which currently are averaging $228, up +19.37% since last season and the biggest jump in secondary market prices in the division. Jets fans do have reasons to be excited. First of all, the Tim Tebow fiasco is over, and they also just might get Mark Sanchez out of their hair if rookie QB Geno Smith can impress this preseason. And if Sanchez is the starter, that will most likely only mean that he had a good preseason and may have finally relaxed with the departure of the aforementioned Tim Tebow.

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