Introducing TicketIQ's NFL Power Rankings

September 24, 2013

As you know, here at TicketIQ we have the TicketIQ Top 25, a ranking of college football teams based on their home average ticket prices. Now, with the NFL season underway we've done the same thing for NFL teams with the TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings, ranking each NFL team based on their average home ticket price on the secondary market.

Led by Chicago Bears tickets, four of the top five spots have held strong since the preseason, while Green Bay Packers tickets are the only team to have dropped out of the top 5. The Packers were replaced by Seattle Seahawks tickets, who've seen a 13% increase in price since week 1.

Some of the biggest and most movers since week 1 include Kansas City Chiefs tickets (+13%), Houston Texans tickets (+15%),  San Francisco 49ers tickets (25%) and Baltimore Ravens tickets (56%). Other teams, like the Buccaneers (-25%), Steelers (-20%), Jets (-18%), and Eagles (-15%) have all seen major drops in price over that same span.

If you'd like to check out the full TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings, click here.