Bears Tickets Remain On Top Of The TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings

October 31, 2013

Chicago Bears tickets maintain their stranglehold on the #1 spot of the TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings. Currently, their average ticket price on the secondary market is $385, which is actually down 4% from last week. Broncos tickets maintain their hold on the #2 spot with an average of $341 per seat. In fact, much of the TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings remain unchanged as the NFL season heads into its second half as 21 of the 32 spots remain unchanged.

As for the limited movement, Seattle Seahawks tickets and New England Patriots tickets swapped positions with the Seahawks move up to three on our list with an average of $300. Patriots tickets dropped 6% moving them to #4. San Francisco 49ers tickets and New Orleans Saints tickets also flip-flopped. Each team dropped in overall price, but the Saints 4% drop leaves them at #7 with the 49ers moving to #6.

Four other teams swapped positions as well this week; Carolina Panthers tickets moved up to #20 with Lions tickets falling to #21, and Raiders tickets moved up to #26 with Rams tickets falling to #27.

The bottom of our list is home to the two biggest overall drops in price for the week with Buccaneers tickets and Jaguars tickets both falling 7%. The Bucs fell two spots to 31 and the Jags remain at the bottom of the list with an average price of just $64.

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