Dodgers Tickets for NLDS Much Higher Than Braves

October 2, 2013

The NL East Champion Atlanta Braves will host the NL West Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow night as we kick off the 2013 MLB playoffs.  Both of these teams are no strangers to postseason play, though it’s been a little while since they’ve competed in the divisional series.  The Braves lost the Wild Card game to the Cardinals last year and last appeared in the NLDS in 2010.  The Dodgers have not been in the playoffs since 2009, a four year absence that some would consider very small, while the Dodgers spent exorbitantly this past summer to ensure it did not reach five.

When it comes to attending the games during this series, Braves fans are going to find a much more enjoyable experience purchasing tickets.  Braves tickets begin at $15 for Game 1 and $25 for Game 2, while Dodgers tickets start at $79 for Game 3 and $42 for Game 4 (if necessary.)  If the series were to return to Atlanta, tickets are currently available for only $25 so Atlanta fans looking for a cheap, winner-takes-all elimination game should grab tickets now before the price increases.

This series will most likely be low-scoring and highly dramatic.  The Dodgers boast Cy Young-hopeful Clayton Kershaw, arguably the best pitcher in the game today, while the Braves lead the league with an ERA of only 3.18.  Base-running and defense could play an integral role with the contests so low-scoring.

TIQIQ Prediction:  Those fans who bought tickets will certainly be rewarded with games that are decided by no more than a run or two.  Ultimately, the Dodgers will prevail in four by splitting in Atlanta and holding on to win both games in Los Angeles.