Red Sox Tickets Now Most Expensive For LDS

Earlier in the week, we took a look at how Pittsburgh Pirates LDS tickets on the secondary market were the most expensive in baseball. Now with the match-ups set, we wanted to get an updated look at those prices, and including prices for World Series tickets for all teams. Since Monday, things have changed a bit.  Boston Red Sox tickets are now the most expensive, not only for the LDS, but the World Series as well. The Pirates currently rank second in both LDS and World Series tickets, but they have maintained the highest premium for the LDS, which is currently 503% above their regular season home average. Surprisingly, Tampa Bay Rays tickets have the second highest premium at 231% above their regular season home average.

Team LDS Avg. Reg Season Avg LDS Premium World Series Avg
Pittsburgh Pirates $307.68 $51.00 503% $1639.00
Atlanta Braves $116.86 $52.00 125% $846.00
St. Louis Cardinals $118.59 $57.72 105% $950.00
Los Angeles Dodgers $172.58 $53.61 222% $1451.00
NL Avgs $178.93 $53.58    $1,221.50
Boston Red Sox $322.56 $100.60 221% $1717.00
Detroit Tigers $95.84 $60.79 58% $1149.00
Oakland A's $159.68 $55.00 190% $944.00
Rays $178.97 $54.15 231% $1026.00
AL Avgs $189.26 $67.64   $1,209.00



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