Price Update: LCS and World Series Tickets

Here's an update for 2014 with prices for St Louis Cardinals tickets, San Francisco Giants tickets, Kansas City Royals tickets and Baltimore Orioles tickets for the 2014 ALCS and NLCS.


TEAM AVG Season AVG % Above
Orioles $516.52 $57.92 791.78%
Royals $470.28 $48.00 879.75%
TEAM AVG Season AVG % Above
Giants $341.40 $38.00 798.42%
Cardinals $264.64 $44.00 501.45%


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As we've done in each of the past two weeks, here's an updated look at secondary market prices for LCS and World Series tickets.


 Team LCS Avg Regular Season Avg LCS Premium Weekly Trend
St. Louis Cardinals $327.61 $57.72 467.58% Up 23.61%
Los Angeles Dodgers $188.50 $53.61 251.61% Down 53.06%
NL Avgs $258.06 $55.67
Boston Red Sox $700.31 $100.60 596.13% Down 8.54%
Detroit Tigers $170.80 $60.79 180.97% Down 18.55%
AL Avgs $435.56 $80.70
World Series Avg Regular Season Avg World Series Premium Weekly Change
St. Louis Cardinals $1,048.04 $57.72 1715.73% Down 0.81%
Los Angeles Dodgers $1,523.92 $53.61 2742.60% Down 0.30%
NL Avgs $1,285.98 $55.67
Boston Red Sox $1,718.96 $100.60 1608.71% Up 0.73%
Detroit Tigers $1,154.84 $60.79 1799.72% Up 2.92%
AL Avgs $1,436.90 $80.70


Last week, it was the Pittsburgh Pirates who led the way in World Series ticket prices, but since they have since been eliminated the most expensive prices for the World Series and LCS belong to Boston Red Sox tickets. For the LCS, their $700.31 price tag is 113.76% above the Cardinals, who currently have the 2nd most expensive LCS tickets. It had been the Dodgers with a $407.25 LCS average, but since they've dropped the first two games against the Cards, their average price has dipped over 50%.

For the World Series, the Red Sox average is currently $1,718.96. Dodgers tickets for the World Series are a close second at $1,523.92 (11% below Red Sox tickets), with the Tigers and Cardinals World Series averages both coming in at under $1,200.

Remember to check back next week, or once the both LCS are over, for another updated look at World Series ticket prices.

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