TicketIQ NFL Power Rankings - Week 4 Update

October 4, 2013

Coming into week 5, the Monsters of the Midway again find themselves atop our weekly NFL power rankings. Our top ten is packed with the usual suspects; all looking to prove their worth in this young football season, and besides the Giant’s, are doing just that.

Last week the Bears faced the division rival Detroit Lions, and proved to us yet again why they hold the top spot. Coming off three nail-biters, the Bears looked like a flat and boring early 2000s team, but Jay Cutler, and the newly explosive Chicago offense, found their way to almost pull off the comeback. While they ultimately fell just short, the second half was worth watching as they desperately tried to overcome their four turnovers. With an the average price for Bears tickets at $432 (almost $100 higher than the next in line) Jay and the boy’s look to give the fans what they want week after week: a team no one doubts can win, but at the same time, no one expects to win by much.

Next we move to number 4 on our list, and number one on the ESPN power rankings: the Denver Broncos. The Bronco’s, led by the computer that is Peyton Manning, see prices for Denver Broncos tickets jump 5% in average price to $322 this week. While no football fan has ever undervalued the entertainment and sheer beauty that comes with watching Peyton Manning direct an offense; it seems that this year the impossible has happened, and he has gotten even better. Manning has already thrown for 16 touchdowns and he looks to add to the tally this week against the Cowboys and a secondary struggling to adapt to Monte Kiffin’s system.

America’s team, currently number 8 on our list (previously number 6) saw a 3% decline in prices Dallas Cowboys tickets. That being said, you would be hard-pressed to find a more enticing game than the Cowboys- Bronco’s this week. From a buyer’s standpoint there isn’t better value this week than the red hot Broncos against a team the Cowboys. You can always count on the Cowboys to have the spotlight, but you can’t count on what they’re going to do under it.

The New-York Giants have looked nothing but abysmal this season, but neither they, nor their fans have given up hope. This week the G-Men take on the Eagles at home, and occupy our 3rd spot yet again. The team’s winless season has had seemingly no effect on ticket sales as Giants tickets are still averaging $327, good for third in the NFL. If only so the New York faithful can show up in person and (l let Eli, Coughlin and the rest know they are not happy with the start of the season. It seems the perplexity of the situation is as interesting as the team itself.

Both the Titans and the Lions see percentage gains near 5% after outperforming expectations in week 4. Both teams sit towards the bottom of our list (the Titans at 25 and the Lions at 19), and with both Titans tickets and Lions tickets averaging under $150. The Lions offer some of the most athletic and explosive players in the game, with all stars Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson leading the way. What better time to see them in action than coming right off a thrashing, given to a historically good Bears defense.

On the not so fortunate side of things we find the Falcon’s and the Rams. Both teams average ticket price has dropped at least 5% after losses, and while this comes as no real surprise, it is probably small consolation to the fans. The Falcons, although picked apart by Tom Brady and the Patriots last Sunday night, are still an explosive offense, and worth the $142 average prices that Falcons tickets are currently sitting at. While St. Louis got off to an encouraging start against the Arizona Cardinals, they have yet to deliver on the promise of last year’s season. Currently, Rams tickets are averaging $125 per seat, good for 24th on our list.

Stay tuned for more updates on the prices for NFL tickets throughout the year.