The Top NFL Tickets Of Week 6

October 10, 2013

Week six of the NFL is upon us, and three teams have yet to be handed their first loss. Those teams happen to be the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs.

Not surprisingly, the Saints lead our top-five games of the week for week six, while the Broncos and Chiefs fail to do so thanks to Denver taking on the lowly Jaguars and the Chiefs facing a so-so Raiders team.

But that doesn’t make the race for perfection any less exciting. And it only makes New Orleans’ run at a 16-0 season even more interesting, considering they face the New England Patriots in this week’s top-priced matchup. For a preview of that and the other four matchups on this week’s list, read on:

1. Saints @ Patriots - Avg Price: $390 | Get-in Price: $157 | Weekly Trend: -7%

Drew Brees and the undefeated New Orleans Saints face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in week six’s top-billed NFL contest. Just imagine if the Pats could have beat the Bengals in week five. We’d have a potential offensive explosion matchup with both teams sitting pretty at 5-0.

That’s not happening, but the next best thing just might: the return of Rob Gronkowski. Add that with slot machine Danny Amendola back in the saddle last week, and this Patriots offense will be the strongest it’s been all season. Needless to say, it’s no shocker than that game is a whopping $390 on average (21% above the home average for Patriots tickets). Don’t be shocked if it yields the most combined points for the week.

2. Packers @ Ravens - Avg Price: $354 | Get-in Price: $139 | Weekly Trend: -2%

Aaron Rodgers and co. bring their high-flying offense to Baltimore, where they hope to thwart the Ravens’ solid defense much like they did on the road against the Texans last year (Rodgers threw six touchdowns). While there’s no guarantees when it comes to offense, at least we saw vast improvement out of Green Bay’s pass protection and defense in week five. If those two aspects of the Packers’ game show up in this one, they’ll be more than an even match for the home team Ravens. This game is also 28% above the average price of Baltimore Ravens tickets at home in 2013, and 16% above the average price of Packers tickets away from Lambeau this season.

3. Giants @ Bears - Avg Price: $325 |  Get-in Price: $104 | Weekly Trend: -20%

How is an 0-5 team at #3 on this list? The Giants are still a big name, and they still pack a serious punch in terms of talent. Good luck getting the ball off deep, though, Eli Manning, as Chicago’s still solid defense will come hot at home after two straight losses.

Both of these teams are skidding right now, but it’s beyond clear that the G-Men badly need a win to save what is left of their 2013 season. This one could easily go the blowout route, but the talent and potential for a shootout have it resting easy in this week’s top-five priced games. Based on the poor competition, it's not surprising that despite being #3 on our list, this game is still 22% below the average price of Bears tickets at home this season.

4. Titans @ Seahawks - Avg Price: $275 | Get-in Price: $107 | Weekly Trend: -8%

Seahawks fans pay a pretty penny to watch their team at home. That’s just the reality. It certainly doesn’t hurt when a better than expected Titans team comes to town, though. That said, this game is still 8% below the average price for Seattle Seahawks tickets at home this season (99% more than Titans tickets on the road). While this should be viewed as a win by most Seattle fans, it should still be a solid overall game if Tennessee’s gritty defense has anything to do with it. Luckily, Russell Wilson running for his life usually leads to good things, so the 12th man should be plenty fine with added pressure for the Titans’ defensive line.

5. Redskins @ Cowboys - Avg Price: $264 | Get-in Price: $63 | Weekly Trend: -4%

At just 1% above the average price of Cowboys tickets at home this season the final top-priced game of the week should arguably be third or higher. This marks the third meeting between Robert Griffin III and Tony Romo, while both teams are struggling to start the season and will be fighting hard to avoid another loss. RG3 currently holds a 2-0 advantage in the series with Romo, so it wouldn’t be shocking if Romo followed up his insane duel with Peyton Manning of a week ago with a similarly awesome performance. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw a pick to bury Dallas like he did last week - or like he did against the Washington Redskins in last year’s season finale. No matter what happens, though, this is expected to be a huge game for both teams and will surely be one of the most-hyped of week six.