Broncos @ Patriots Are 2nd Most Expensive Week 12 Tickets

November 22, 2013

After what some consider a controversial loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night, the New England Patriots have to come right back to primetime to play the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning in a Sunday night game featuring two of the top teams in the AFC. This may have been played many times before, but the ratings and ticket prices will still be soaring.

New England Patriots tickets for this game are averaging $391 and have starting price currently at $179, which puts this game behind just the Cowboys at Giants for the most expensive game of the week, despite the average price dropping 19% over the past week. The average price is 26% above the average home game at Gillette Stadium and 40% above the price of Denver Broncos tickets on the road.

This game could be equally important for both teams in terms of playoff position. The Patriots are currently seeded behind the Indianapolis Colts, who right now would receive a first round bye. The Broncos are currently the top seed in the AFC, although they have the same record as the Kansas City Chiefs. Finishing the regular season with a worse record than the Chiefs would cause to Broncos to fall from the No. 1 seed all the way to No. 5. The Patriots also want to finish with at least the No. 3 seed if they do not get a bye, which would be the difference of playing the Chiefs or Broncos in the Wild Card Round as opposed to a weaker team to grab the last Wild card spot, such as the new York Jets.

This will be the 14th matchup between Brady and Manning, which gives fans a good sample of what to expect for this game, one that should not disappoint.