Green Bay Packers Tickets Falling In Wake Of Aaron Rodgers Injury

Early in the first quarter of the Green Bay Packers’ 27-20 loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday, quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a fractured collarbone. He left the game after the hit and did not return. The Packers had to turn to backup quarterback Seneca Wallace as they look to move on without one of the league's best quarterbacks. There is no set timetable for Rodgers to return, but an estimate has been made at four-to-six weeks. Not only have the Packers chances at winning another division title dropped, but also with Rodgers on the sidelines Green Bay Packers tickets have been dropping in price on the secondary market.

Green Bay has eight games remaining this season, four of them at home. So far, three of those home contests have declined in price since Monday night. The game this weekend against the Eagles is down the most. The average ticket price for the game is already down to $220, a 20% fall, and should continue to drop until game day. We project an average price of under $200 by the time Sunday rolls around. Prices for their week 12 game at Lambeau against the Minnesota Vikings is currently $231, an 8% decline. With a speedy recovery Rodgers could be back on the field when the Atlanta Falcons visit to Lambeau on December 8th. Ticket buyers, however, aren't too confident. Like the Vikings game, ticket prices have fallen 8%, dropping the average price for the game below $180.


The only remaining Packers home game whose ticket prices have not suffered due to the Rodgers injury is their December 22nd game against the Steelers, which is actually up 2% in the last couple days. By that game Rodgers is expected to be back and the Steelers have one of the biggest fan bases in the country so we're not too surprised by that number. However, if the Packers struggle over the next 4-6 and fall out of the playoff race expect tickets for that game to begin to fall in price as well.

As of now, it's still unclear when Rodgers will in fact be back. The team isn't talking and is refusing to put a timetable on the injury. But while the Packers won’t set a date, it’s clear the secondary ticket market is with the week 16 game against the Steelers. Until we learn more about the Rodgers injury and how Wallace does as his replacement, Packers tickets should continue to drop until the quarterback returns.

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