Top Priced NFL Tickets For Week 15

December 12, 2013

Week 15 has arrived and we’re finally getting down to the nitty gritty in the NFL. The playoffs are starting to take form and we’re either seeing huge divisional showdowns, or we’re inching closer to epic battles of the sort.

In fact, we’ve got a few this week, starting with Thursday night’s battle between AFC West rivals, the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. Peyton Manning and co. are still trying to wrap up the division and a first round bye, while Philip Rivers and the pesky Chargers still want in on these playoffs.

Let’s break down that huge clash and the four others that make their way into this week’s edition of the top-five priced NFL games:

1. Cowboys vs. Packers | Avg: $294 | Get-in: $108 | Trend: -23% 

Do you think the Cowboys and their fans value this game much? Yes, not only is their history between the Packers and Cowboys (especially in Dallas), but Dallas badly needs to win at home this week to stay neck and neck with the Philadelphia Eagles. If they win in week 15 and week 16, a week 17 showdown with the Eagles would likely decide the NFC East.

Green Bay, on the other hand, flat-out needs to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive. After Dallas imploded against the Chicago Bears last week, their chances don’t seem too bad. If star quarterback Aaron Rodgers can return (clavicle), that is. If Rodgers can’t get back in time, this game won’t have quite the same allure and Green Bay could potentially get blown out.

As it stands, Rodgers still has a chance at playing, and this game makes a lot of sense as week 15’s top-priced game. Cowboys tickets are usually up there in price, but even they see a 23% spike this week, while Packers tickets are also up 14% above their regular road prices despite have a hefty $256 road average.

2. Dolphins vs. Patriots | Avg: $276 | Get-in: $108 | Trend: +28% 

Divisional pairings can never be taken lightly. When they come in week 15 with a spot in the playoffs on the line, that notion only screams louder. Miami has their sights set on a wild card playoff spot, while New England needs a win to keep pace with the Denver Broncos for that number one overall seed in the AFC playoffs.

The last time these two teams met, the Dolphins blew an early lead and barely lost when their kicker couldn’t nail a ridiculous 58-yard field goal. We might be in for the same type of thrilling ending, as Miami is riding high off of two big wins in a row and the Patriots are down in the dumps after losing tight end Rob Gronkowski for the year (knee).

Miami Dolphins tickets see a crazy +109% increase this week, but it’s really not so crazy when you factor in Tom Brady, an epic divisional clash and a playoff spot. Patriots tickets see a jump, too (+46%), which should show you just how important this game is for both sides.

3. Broncos vs. Chargers | Avg: $232 | Get-in: $62 | Trend: -27%

The last time these two teams faced, Denver jumped out to a huge lead and held on for the win. This time around, it’s much more like the Chargers will give the Broncos all they can handle. Denver still figures to win and stay ahead of the New England Patriots for that number one overall seed in the playoffs.

Regardless of how this goes down, though, this is still a potentially awesome offensive clash. The Chargers put up 37 points a week ago and Denver has shown to be by far the best offensive team in the league (they scored 51 points last week). Still, this one is surprisingly affordable given the fact that it’s a big, prime-time game in Denver. Broncos tickets actually see a 28% drop in price, while Chargers tickets are +98% over their road average.

This game isn’t cheap by any means, but if we were making a value top-five list, it’d be arguable they should take the top spot.

4. Giants vs. Seahawks | Avg: $163 | Get-in: $44 | Trend: -30%

New York Giants tickets are always pricey in New York, but with the G-Men not heading to the playoffs this year, it’s understandable that their value would dip a bit - even on their own field. However, they still crack the top-five this week despite a 39% drop from their home game average, as the Seahawks are a huge get.

Seahawks tickets are still 16% above their road average this week due to Giants’ home game tickets still typically being fairly high on their own. This is a major value buy, though, as both teams have solid defenses and the Giants seem to get up to play the tougher teams. The Seahawks should still be expected to come away with the win, but for under $170 fans from both sides are getting a clear bargain.

5. Buccaneers vs. 49ers | Avg: $159 | Get-in: $68 | Trend: +10% 

The last one in this week’s top-five is a major deal for traveling 49ers fans, as this one in Tampa is 32% less than the most 49ers tickets on the road. On the flip-side, Buccaneers tickets are actually up a whopping 69% over their normal price of $159, with a cheap get-in tag of just $68.

It’s understandable for the 49ers, but with such a huge opponent coming into town, the low price is fairly surprising. Tampa Bay is fresh off of a huge win and with four wins in their last five contests, they’re turning into a fairly tough matchup. San Francisco better come into Florida with their head on a swivel.

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