5 Ways For Florida State And Auburn Fans To Spend All The Money They Saved On BCS National Championship Tickets

In the College football world, this years BCS National Title game was as cheap as they come.  At an average price of $348, it was the cheapest single elimination championship game that we’ve tracked over the last five years…by over $600. It was also 92% less than the most expensive single elimination game we’ve tracked over the same five years, which ironically also featured Auburn.  That game had an average price of over $5,000.  After their experience in 2010, Auburn fans must have started rounding up the big bills when they walked-off against Alabama in this years Iron Bowl.  To their surprise, however, tickets to the BCS title game cost less than parking for the last National Championship that Auburn played in.  The average price of the last two BCS title games was $2,064, which means that Auburn and FSU fans saved an average of $1,716 this year compared to the last two years. To help fans put their hard-saved money to use, we’ve come up with a few ways for FSU fans to celebrate their first national title since 1999 and for Auburn fans to ease the pain of one of the toughest losses in BCS history.... Read the rest of this on Forbes.


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