Top 5 Barclays Center 2014 Concerts

Since opening in 2012 in Brooklyn the Barclays Center has been one of the premier arenas in all of the world. In fact the Barclays Center has been such an attractive destination for artist to play that it is only behind O2 Arena in London in of highest grossing arenas, so clearly Barclays Center tickets are in high demand. Due to this fact when artists come to the Brooklyn arena their average ticket prices usually increase, the five most expensive events concert tickets in New York at the Barclays Center in 2014:


1) 5/9 Cher Avg $398, Get-in $105

The ageless singer Cher takes the top spot for the Barclays Center most expensive average ticket this year. While Cher may be in her 60’s that has not stopped the diva from touring and fans coming out to support the singer which has seen tickets average $398 for her May 9th tour stop.

2) 3/23 Ennio Morricone Avg $334, Get-in $159

The Italian composer has quite the following in America as his spring concert at the Barclays is the second priciest ticket there in 2014 as it is presently averaging $334 each with a Get-in price of $159.

3) 2/1 Red Hot Chili Peppers & New Politics Avg $333, Get-in $147

One of the most iconic bands of the last two decades is back on tour with New Politics this year and garner the third highest average ticket. Red Hot Chili Pepper fans are willing to go to lengths to watch their favorite band in person which has seen ticket prices rise to $333

4) 2/15 Marc Anthony Avg $257, Get-in $107

Spanish singer Marc Anthony makes his return to the Barclays Center on February 15th for the fourth most expensive ticket there as it is averaging $257 with a Get-in of $107.

5) 4/5 Miley Cyrus Avg $248, Get-in $94

The pop star Miley Cyrus will make her first trip back to the Barclays Center since her now infamous hosting gig on the MTV Music Awards. Tickets to see the diva are currently averaging $248 to see her perform but fans can still Get-in for just $94.

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