Four Years in, Book Of Mormon Tickets Remain a Hit

January 8, 2014

Since opening in March of 2011 as the brainchild of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Robin Lopez, The Book of Mormon has taken Broadway by storm, capturing nine Tony Awards in that time. Even though it is entering its fourth year of production, The Book of Mormon is still far and away the most expensive and sought after ticket on Broadway averaging $336 for the year. However, tickets over these next few months are the cheapest of the year since demand is down now that the holidays are over. Tickets are only averaging $279 for the month of January and $294 in February.  The lowest average show comes on January 12th for $239 with the cheapest get-in at $163 just four days later on the 16th. This show has been such a great success that there are multiple shows in cities all across the country.

The Book of Mormon in Los Angeles has been a huge hit as well drawing people out in droves. In LA the play is averaging $240 on the year but still has plenty of less expensive options for people looking to see what has been called the best musical to come out in years. People looking to go see the Book of Mormon in Los Angeles can find the lowest average show on February 27th where tickets are going for $212 with the cheapest get-in price of the year at a very reasonable $62.

The most expensive ticket for the Book of Mormon you will find isn’t on Broadway but rather in San Francisco. Yes believe it or not San Francisco has the priciest ticket coming in at $535 on average for 2014. In fact there is only one show that averages under $500 per ticket, the January 12th showing coming in at $457. The high price for the show in San Francisco can be attributed to the fact that the secondary market for tickets there is only 1/10 of other cities which has caused prices to become dramatically inflated as a result.

The last city that the Book of Mormon is currently playing in is Cincinnati. In Cincy, the Book of Mormon is significantly cheaper than anywhere else averaging $187 for tickets with the cheapest tickets coming on the January 14th where you can get-in for just $84.