Get Your Ringling Brothers Tickets For 2014 Shows

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has been regularly billed as The Greatest Show on Earth. The continued popularity of the show, since its inception in 1907, has kept that nickname relevant. The circus has become so big, they currently have three separate tours traveling the United States. The Built to Amaze! tour has 17 dates from the beginning of January to the start of September, the Super Circus Heroes tour has 22 dates from mid-January to mid-August and the Legends tour has 16 dates from January to mid-May.

Most tours are based around on the east coast, with two shows on the Built to Amaze! tour and one Super Circus Heroes show in Texas being as far west as this current set of tour dates go. The Super Circus Heroes tour also has stops in Illinois, Arkansas and Mississippi. Tickets for all upcoming shows are averaging $57, with prices starting at around $25 bucks.

The Built to Amaze! show is the 143rd edition of the original Barnum & Bailey’s production and the most popular of the three tours, with many stops on the east coast. As one of the most family-friendly entertaining shows, Ringling Brothers tickets are always in high demand. There’s plenty of opportunities to see all of the shows throughout the winter and into the summer months.


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