Here's What A $2 Million Super Bowl Weekend Looks Like....$10,000 Super Bowl Tickets Included.

January 10, 2014

In three of the four years for which TicketIQ has tracked ticket prices for major sports championships, the Super Bowl has reined supreme with the highest priced event of the year. With Super Bowl tickets for this year’s game currently being listed for average price of $3,440 on the secondary market, the game is 9% above last year’s average of $3,152. Of course, there’s a lot more to attending a Super Bowl than tickets and the game. The SuperBowl is a cultural and corporate event like no other. During Super Bowl weekend, the host city turns into the Mardi-Gras of sporting events with countless options for entertainment. As a result, planning the logistics of a Super Bowl weekend is incredibly difficult for someone without experience..... Read the rest of this article on Forbes.

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