Top Five Upcoming Events At Madison Square Garden

Having a nickname of the World’s Most Famous Arena must mean some great events take place and that’s exactly what’s in store for Madison Square Garden in 2014. While a full schedule of events is not completed as there’s sure to be more musical tours announced, there’s currently plenty of great events planned for over the course of the year with a mix of sports and music. NY Concert tickets actually have only two events for the top five most expensive Madison Square Garden tickets, but one of the biggest sporting events of the year take the top spot.


1) 3/28/14 & 3/30/14: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - All sessions | Avg. Price: $1157 | Get-in Price: $369

Madison Square Garden will host the East Regionals before the Final Four moves to Arlington, Texas. This package of tickets is for all session involved to see the games from the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. The three games, spanning two rounds, take place over the 28th and 30th of March. The price has risen 5% and could continue to rise as the tournament gets closer.

2) 9/12/14: Luke Bryan & Lee Brice | Avg. Price: $969 | Get-in Price: $84

One of the biggest names in country music has the most expensive single event at MSG scheduled this year. Luke Bryan tickets are averaging just under $1,000, but have a huge price range with a starting price below $100.

3) 2/1/14: Miami Heat at New York Knicks | Avg. Price: $666 | Get-in Price: $162

Tickets for this Knicks game are like the Super Bowl tickets of basketball. The Miami Heat are always a big visiting draw, especially at the Garden, but this game takes place the night before the Super Bowl in the host area. These tickets have risen 13% and makes this the most expensive regular season game in the NBA this season.

4) 3/28/14: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Session 1 | Avg. Price: $664 | Get-in Price: $313

The package at the top was for all sessions, but single tickets for the first session aren’t very far behind in average price. The get-in price is very close to that of the full weekend, but these tickets will be for just the first session for the Sweet Sixteen.

5) 7/9/14: Katy Perry & Capital Cities | Avg. Price: $547 | Get-in Price: $130

Katy Perry hasn’t been on a US tour in a while and it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a big set and a wild show. Perry, who just released Prism, her latest album, will be touring throughout the country from June to October. As one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Katy Perry tickets could continue to go up as the concert approaches.

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