Meatloaf Confirms Second Round Of Vegas Residency

It has always been said that Meatloaf tastes better the second day, well fans of the musician Meat Loaf will have plenty of second chances to catch him as he has just announced a residency in Las Vegas. He is the latest in a string of musicians to set up new residencies at venues across the United States. Meat Loaf’s residency currently isn’t generating too much demand and Meat Loaf tickets are plentiful for all his shows on the primary market.  The secondary market is a great reflection as there is limited quantity available in big blocks of tickets.  The current average price for his residency at the Planet Hollywood Showroom is $161.48, which is a bit deceiving since there is so much inventory on the primary market.

Other artist currently residing at specific venues are Billy Joel, Britney Spears, and pioneer of the modern residency, Celine Dion.  After a concert at the Barclays Center on New Years Eve, rock and roll Idol has signed with Madison Square Garden to make that his home for the foreseeable future.  Billy Joel currently has shows schedule once per month through September, with all being sold out or having very limited quantity left on the primary market.  That leaves the resale market as a perfect place to grab Billy Joel tickets.  The average ticket price of the shows is currently $459.43, with the cheapest get in being the September show at $89.

Like Billy Joel, Britney Spears has shows schedule through September, but rather than MSG, she will be shacked up at the Planet Hollywood Theater in Las Vegas.  Spears has gone through a full 360 degree transformation since her career started, from a wholesome young singer, to a stage of unexplainable actions, to her resurgence and current high paying residency.  Britney Spears tickets were a huge hit at the box office and sold out almost immediately once they went on sale.  The resale market has a moderate amount of inventory available, with the average price of her shows being $270.69.  With that all said, around $100 will get you a seat while your in Vegas to see this pop princess play.

Starting in Las Vegas in 2011, the modern day queen of the residency, Celine Dion is currently in the midst of her second.  Celine’s first residency in Las Vegas last four years from 2003 through 2007 and is currently slated to have her second run from 2011 through 2019 with approximately 70 shows per year.  If you head out to Vegas checking TicketIQ for Celine Dion tickets is a good alternative to the box office as there is a variety of seating options available on the website for all her shows.  The average ticket price for her second residency is $221.11, which is fairly modest considering her notoriety amongst both old and young.

Depending on who you ask, everyone will have their favorite from this group of four artist currently on residency in both Vegas and New York.  In terms of resale ticket price, Billy Joel is the artist fans are most willing to pay to see, which shouldn’t be a surprise with his long career of hit after hit.  On the other end of the spectrum Meatloaf is clearly at the bottom, as ticket sales at the box office and through resale sites are very low.  It will be interesting going forward if more artist will take on residency and how that will affect ticket prices over their stay.

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