NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Released, And They Have Sleeves

Earlier today the NBA unveiled this year's All-Star game jerseys. They, like the uniforms featured on Christmas day, are sleeved. However, unlike the Christmas jerseys these designs by Adidas really aren't so bad. Here, take a look:

ALLStarGameJerseysThat said, so far the reviews on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of  interwebs have been mostly negative. Maybe we need to see them on the floor to get a real idea of how they'll look, but once again I think these are an improvement over the Christmas day "Big Logo" jerseys.

Anyway, we're not in the fashion business, we're in the ticket business. Currently, we have 514 NBA All-Star game tickets available for the February 15th game in New Orleans with prices starting at $520. The average price for the game is $1,462.33, which is up 2% in the last seven days. The $1,462.33 price tag makes this year's All-Star game tickets the second least expensive over the last four years. Here's a breakdown the average secondary market ticket prices of each of the last four NBA All-Star games:

  •  2011 @ Los Angeles: Avg Price - $2,485.57
  • 2012 @ Orlando: Avg Price - $1,146.36
  • 2013 @ Houston: Avg Price - $2,620.48
  • 2014 @ New Orleans: Avg Price - $1,462.33

Keep checking our blog for more NBA All Star game ticket updates over the next month.

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