NFL Playoff Tickets: Previewing The AFC and NFC Championship Game

January 14, 2014

Two modern classics are in the cards this weekend when the Conference Championship Round commences on Sunday. The Patriots set to host the Colts at Gillette Stadium in the AFC title game while Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers square off in a Seahawks-Packers battle for NFC bragging rights at CenturyLink Field. While both games will likely garner massive television ratings, they will both see a drop in secondary ticket price on the secondary market compared to last year.

2015 AFC Championship Game tickets on TicketIQ are the cheapest in the last five seasons at $472.76, which is the only game since 2010 to own a secondary average below $500. NFC Championship Game tickets on TicketIQ are significantly more expensive than its AFC counterpart and average at $730.75, but this year’s game is 8% cheaper than last season’s game between the Seahawks and 49ers, which averaged at $791.40.

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NFL fans who love seeing the best teams in the league compete at the end of the season are certainly getting their wish in 2013. While who you deemed to be “the best” certainly could have wavered at times this year, the final four presented during the NFL’s Championship week have to fit the bill for the majority of NFL fans. After all, all four teams vying for a spot in this year’s Super Bowl own a 12-4 or 13-3 record, three have a division title, and three earned a first round bye in the NFL playoffs. Then you have the match-ups.

There is the gaudy variety, as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will once again face off in an AFC title game, and will even match up for the second time this season. Then there is the bitter division rival aspect, as the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks play for the third time this season after splitting their 2013 season series.

But that’s just some of the hype. Let’s break down both games as we take a look at the value of AFC and NFC Championship tickets, and also see who has the best shot at making their way to the Super Bowl:

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks | Avg: $831 | Get-in: $371 | Trend: +1%


Seattle Seahawks Playoff tickets are naturally going to be the most expensive here, as they were among the leaders all season. In fact, this game is the most expensive game of the NFL season besides the Super Bowl itself. Seattle fans love coming to watch their team live, as the ‘Hawks rarely lose at home (just once all year). But while the price is high in large part because Seattle fans are paying to see their team win on a huge platform, this game is as “toss-up” as it gets. Seattle holds the home field and psychological edge here, but the 49ers are red-hot, coming in with nine straight wins. Something has to break.

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos | Avg: $735 | Get-in: $283 | Trend: -30% 


AFC Championship tickets come in second here, but they’re actually the most expensive they’ve been in the last four years. In fact, Denver Broncos playoff tickets are over $200 more expensive than they were last year, when New England battled the eventual champion Baltimore Ravens.

Brady and Manning have had some epic games, but few come close to matching the duel they had earlier in the year. Can this week’s AFC title game best that? A comeback from a 24-point hole isn’t likely to happen again, but a shootout of some variety is probably in the works. However, when it’s all said and done, the team that runs the ball the most effectively and controls the clock is probably going to end up punching their ticket to the Super Bowl.

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