Top 5 Upcoming Concerts At Staples Center

January 24, 2014

Yesterday we took a look at the top 5 events at Staples Center. Today, we look at just the top five events on the Los Angeles Concert schedule at Staples Center. Staples is the biggest venue in Los Angeles, so naturally concerts in the arena have the biggest names in music. The concerts scheduled for 2014 are just that an average prices for Staples Center concert tickets on the secondary market have some expensive prices. The top five shows in 2014 are part of five of the biggest tours of the year.


1) 9/19/14: Katy Perry & Tegan and Sara | Avg. Price: $291 | Get-in Price: $79

Katy Perry hasn’t been on a US tour in a while and it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a big set and a wild show. Perry, who just released Prism, her latest album, will be touring throughout the country from June to October. As one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, these prices of the most expensive LA concert could continue to go up as the show approaches.

2) 7/21/14: Lady Gaga | Avg. Price: $275 | Get-in Price: $77

Gaga could challenge Perry as the biggest pop star, but her prices are just below Perry’s show in September. This will be the final date of the ArtPop Tour, which could mean the show is bigger and crazier than a normal Gaga show could be.

3) 8/12/14: Justin Timberlake | Avg. Price: $273 | Get-in Price: $93

Timberlake will also be ending his tour at Staples Center. He has been touring all over the world since the release of both volumes of The 20/20 Experience and it will finally end with his second show of the tour in Los Angeles.

4) 7/7/14: Cher | Avg. Price: $265 | Get-in Price: $64

Cher hasn’t gone on a traveling tour in ten years and her return playing concerts has driven ticket prices up. In September, she released her first new album since 2001. As Cher tickets have an expensive average price. they have the least expensive get-in price of the top five events.

5) 2/22/14: Miley Cyrus | Avg. Price: $217 | Get-in Price: $88

Cyrus has been all over since he VMA performance, but it has only aided her popularity. He Bangerz tour comes into Los Angeles as one of the most anticipated tours of 2014. Although the average price is still over $200, there’s still a big drop off from Cher’s average price.

The biggest shows of the year will be taking place at Staples Center. Los Angeles is always hosting some of the biggest stars and concerts in the biggest arena will be no different in 2014.