Top Five Upcoming Events At LA's Staples Center

January 22, 2014

When big events need to hit the west coast, they usually end up in the Staples Center, whether it's major sporting events or events that hit the LA concert schedule. From some of the biggest concerts to sporting events, Staples Center tickets are always in high demand. There’s nothing different from the list of top events scheduled to take place in 2014. The most expensive event, though, isn’t music or a sport.


1) 2/25/14: Dalai Lama | Avg. Price: $700 | Get-in Price: $237

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will be giving a large public talk at the Staples Center. Face value tickets sold out quickly and prices on the secondary market have risen as much as 75%. This will also be the only event on this list costing more than $100 to attend with the cheapest ticket and the $237 get-in price is well above that mark.

2) 4/6/14: Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers | Avg. Price: $343 | Get-in Price: $80

When the Clippers and Lakers used to play each other in the arena they shared, it always seemed like a Lakers home game regardless of which team was actually considered home. Not only do Clippers fans now make these games feel like Clippers home games, they have surpassed the Lakers tickets price. The game “at Clippers” has a significantly higher average price than the Lakers home game.

3) 2/5/14: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Clippers | Avg. Price: $ 338 | Get-in Price: $74

The Clippers get to host the two most expensive basketball games in Los Angeles remaining in the regular season. The game against the defending NBA champions is closely priced to the game against the Lakers with the average and get-ins almost identical.

4) 9/19/14: Katy Perry & Tegan and Sara | Avg. Price: $303 | Get-in Price: $88

Katy Perry hasn’t been on a US tour in a while and it’s safe to assume there’s going to be a big set and a wild show. Perry, who just released Prism, her latest album, will be touring throughout the country from June to October. As one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, these prices of the most expensive LA concert could continue to go up as the show approaches.

5) 2/21/14: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers | Avg. Price: $289 | Get-in Price: $58

Neither of these franchises are where they’re used to being in terms of quality of play, but won’t stop tickets from being sold for one of the longest rivalries in basketball. The name value alone of the two franchises makes this the most expensive remaining Lakers home game of the regular season.