How Will Combined Travel Distance Of Over 4,600 Miles Impact Prices For 2014 Super Bowl Tickets

January 19, 2014

With the Denver Broncos having locked in a trip to New York City and SuperBowl XLVIII, it’s assured that fans from the two teams will have a long way to travel to get to the game. With both San Francisco and Seattle approximately 2,900 miles from New York City, the combined travel distance for fans coming from Denver and either of the NFC cities will be 4,678 miles. That’s over 1,000 miles more than the combined distance between for Ravens and 49ers fans to get to New Orleans for last year’s SuperBowl and the longest distance over the last five years. Based on the decline in prices for Super Bowl tickets between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl over the last four years, this year’s distance may mean that prices drop more than usual over the next two weeks.... Read the rest of this article on Forbes.