A Yankees Tickets Outlook for Spring Training

January 31, 2014

The New York Yankees are coming off a very frustrating 2012 season.  They failed to make the playoffs, falling short of the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays.  Yankees fans had salt added to their wounds as the rival Red Sox won their third World Series trophy in the past ten years.  Add the never-ending Alex Rodriguez saga, and 2013 was a year to forget for Yankees fans.

But 2014 has arrived, and with it, hopes for a much better season.  The Yankees opened up their pocket books, adding former New York (Met) staple Carlos Beltran, and swiping Jacoby Ellsbury from the Red Sox.  And to top it all off, they signed Masahiro Tanaka, the Japanese pitching sensation who was wooed by almost the entire league.  With those major additions, the Yankees are in a much better position this year to return to the top of the heap for the AL East.

Fans who are looking to get an early view of the new-look Yankees can check out the New York Yankees Ticket Exchange for tickets to Spring Training.  Right now, the average price is $47 for Yankees Spring Training tickets, but it won’t cost you nearly that much if you just want to get in to the building.  The first game on February 25th vs. the Florida State Seminoles has tickets available for as low as $6.  Their next game against the Pirates is the 27th vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates, with tickets as low as $7.  There’s one game against the Boston Red Sox, with tickets beginning at $33 and an average ticket price of $68.

It’s still to be determined if the Yankees and deep enough and remain healthy enough to compete for the AL East crown, but they are surely in a better position this year compared to last.  With so many new faces in the fold, make sure to check out the Yankees as soon as you can!