Forbes: San Antonio Rodeo Tickets Cheapest In Three Years

Yesterday on we discussed this year's prices for Houston Rodeo tickets and mainly San Antonio Rodeo tickets. The latter are actually the least expensive they have been in three years. Here's more from the article:

Since 1950, the San Antonio Rodeo has been one of premier rodeo and livestock shows in the country. Annually the event attracts one and half million people and is so big that it displaces the city’s only professional sports team for two weeks. In addition to competitions that include bareback horse riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, team roping and something called Xtreme Bulls, the Rodeo also features daily performance from some of the biggest names in country music. As a result,  San Antonio Rodeo tickets are always one of the hottest tickets in San Antonio.

While this years line-up is as good as any year in the past, the average price across all of the events is $99, which is the cheapest average over the last three years. The highest priced day is February 8th which features two shows by Tim McGraw. The afternoon McGraw show has an average price of $150 while the evening show has an average of $186. The least expensive show is on February 16th when Pesado performs and the average price is $62. This years prices are 15% less expensive than last year shows.

Click here to read the rest of the article. Also, here is some more information and the entire lineups for the Houston Rodeo and San Antonio Rodeo here. Also, here's a breakdown of Huston Rodeo and San Antonio Rodeo day-by-da y prices:



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