A Look at Blackhawks Tickets Following the Olympics

February 10, 2014

The NHL is currently on an Olympic break but more hockey is on the way for Chicago Blackhawks fans. As the season winds down, Blackhawks fans will certainly have an opportunity to see the defending champs try to defend their crown, but it won’t be cheap.  Here’s a breakdown of the remaining home games for the Blackhawks.

The first home game following the Olympics will not be at the United Center. It will be played outside at Soldier Field on March 1st. This is a highly anticipated game for not only Blackhawks fans but NHL fans as well. The average ticket price for this game is currently $324.64. As for the get-in price, it will cost you $77 dollars to grab a seat at Soldier Field, a little cheaper than the majority of games at the much smaller United Center.  If you want to be a part of the outdoor hockey game, Blackhawks tickets are still readily available, but it’ll cost you.

After their game outdoors, the Blackhawks return to their longtime home of the United Center on March 4th to face several conference opponents. Up first, they will face off against the Colorado Avalanche. The average ticket price for this game is $230.66. The get-in price is $84, $7 more expensive than the outdoor game. The next home game will be against the Columbus Blue Jackets on March 6th. The average ticket price for this game is $230.11 while the get in price will be $70 dollars.  Both games are a bit on the cheaper side, compared to other Blackhawks home games.


After a brief road trip, on March 14th the Blackhawks return home to face the Nashville Predators. The get in price for this game is $92 while the most expensive price listed on this game is going to cost you $728.25. Following the Predators, the Detroit Red Wings come to town on March 16th. The Red Wings are considered to be one of most iconic franchise in all of hockey and a rival of Chicago, even if they have left for the Eastern Conference. If you want to come to this game, the get-in price is $118 while the most expensive listed ticket will cost you $950.

After this game is over, the St Louis Blues and Predators (again) will visit Chicago.  The minimum price for the St. Louis game will cost you $84 while the second matchup against the Predators has a $102 get-in price and tickets are averaging $259.09.

The season will end with games against the Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, and Montreal Canadiens.  All three of these games have a get-in price below $80 with the lowest being the Stars game at $69.