Previewing 2014 Philadelphia Phillies Tickets

February 25, 2014

2014 will be the first time in a decade that the Philadelphia Phillies will have a manager other than Charlie Manuel leading the team as Ryne Sandberg took over the struggling last August. Sandberg will lead what many have projected to be one of the worst teams in the league with a payroll that is even worse with some very bad contracts on the books for 2014. One contract they won’t have to account for will be that of Roy Halladay who retired after a tumultuous 2013 season where it became obvious that he just didn't have it in him anymore.

This offseason the Phillies were able to sign Bobby Abreu, AJ Burnett and Marlon Byrd all whom would have been great signings ---- in 2008, but alas it is 2014 and these players have all seen better days. Burnett will slide into the spot in the Phillies rotation left open by retired pitcher Roy Halladay while Byrd will be the everyday Right Fielder and Abreu will primarily be used as a pinch hitter. The Phillies will also hope to bet better production out of Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard who all have had trouble staying on the field, each dealing with their own injuries at times in the past.

In 2014 the Philadelphia Phillies will have a major uphill battle to climb if they are going to shake the stigma that they are one of the worst teams in the major leagues but you won’t have any problems finding tickets to see your favorite team play. The Phillies home average for this upcoming season is just $90 which means that going to Citizens Bank Park this year won’t break your bank. Ironically enough the Phillies most expensive and cheapest games of the year come in the same series in the beginning of April against the Milwaukee Brewers. On April 7th the Phillies will play the Brewers in the most expensive game of the year averaging $118 with a get-in price of $24, while just three days later on April 10th they close out the series with Milwaukee. Phillies tickets for this series finale are the cheapest of the season at $50 with an extremely low get-in price of just $10.