Top 5 Broadway Shows Of The Week (2/24)

Broadway shows are some of the most popular events in New York City. With as many as eight performances of a show per week, there’s an opportunity for most to attain tickets for a show of their choice. Many of the shows, though, can be rather expensive. The top 5 Broadway tickets of the week all have an average secondary market average above $250.

1) 2/26/14 - Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $465 | Get-in Price: $182

Kinky Boots continues to be one of the most popular Broadway shows, jumping up to the most expensive show this week. It’s the only show with an average price above $400 this week and Kinky Boots tickets have increased 2% over the past week.

2) 2/26/14 - Motown the Musical | Avg. Price: $398 | Get-in Price: $135

Motown the Musical tickets have gone up 2% over the past week, but that wasn’t enough to repeat as the top show of the week. The Wednesday performance is still the second highest single show of the week for both average and get-in price.

3) 3/1/14 - Cinderella | Avg. Price: $323 | Get-in Price: $127

Cinderella tickets have taken off in popularity since the limited engagement casting of Carly Rae Jepson as Cinderella and Fran Drescher as the stepmother. The Saturday night show has seen a price increase of 3% over the past week.

4) 2/25/14 - Wicked | Avg. Price: $293 | Get-in Price: $65

Wicked is the first show to fall under a $300 average price for its top performance this week. Although Wicked tickets have gone up 8% this week, the Tuesday night performance has the lowest get-in price of the top Broadway shows of the week.

5) 2/25/14 - Newsies | Avg. Price: $277 | Get-in Price: $177

It might only be the fifth highest average price of the week, but Newsies tickets have the second highest get-in price of this week’s top shows. Newsies has long been one of the most popular shows on Broadway and its high starting price is a good indication of that. The Tuesday night performance has seen a price increase of 1% over the past week.

Luckily, these performances happen multiples times per week and getting a relatively good deal on Broadway tickets can be easier for those with flexible times to attend the shows. Either way, these shows are always well worth the price of admission.

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