Top 5 NHL Games Of The Week (2/3)

The first half of the NHL season is winding down before the Olympic break. Before many players depart for Sochi, there are still some big games and hot NHL tickets on the schedule in the coming week. After Saturday there will be no NHL games until February 25, but some of the matchups in the next few days will be big enough to get hockey fans through the next two weeks.

1) 2/8/14 - Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs | Avg. Price: $334 | Get-in Price: $143

The Canucks have struggled a bit under new coach John Tortorella, currently sitting fourth in the Pacific division. The Maple Leafs are only third in the Atlantic division, are fourth in points in the Eastern Conference. This game has the highest average price this week by more than $100 even though the price for Maple Leafs tickets has dropped 8% in the past week.

2) 2/7/14 - New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins | Avg. Price: $228 | Get-in Price: $92

The Penguins and New York Rangers are the top two teams in the Metropolitan division, but the Penguins have a significant lead in points. These two teams always play tough games against each other, but the price has dropped 26% over the past week. Even as this game is the second highest average price, the get-in price for Pittsburgh Penguins tickets is below $100.

3) 2/8/14 - Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins | Avg. Price: $213 | Get-in Price: $110

Boston leads the Atlantic division, but the Senators sit in just fifth place in the same division. Still, the quality of play when these two teams face each other allows this matchup to still be a top ticket. Boston Bruins tickets are still above $100 to get-in even as the price has decreased 16% over the past week.

4) 2/7/14 - Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes | Avg. Price: $190 | Get-in Price: $79

The Blackhawks have been one of the biggest road draws during the NHL season and these next two games are no different. Phoenix Coyotes tickets aren’t always expensive, but a home game against the defending Stanley Cup champions helps bump up prices. The bump is so much so that prices have increased 2% over the past week.

5) 2/5/14 - Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks | Avg. Price: $149 | Get-in Price: $29

This will be a game between the top two teams in the NHL by points. The Blackhawks lead the Central division with 82 points and the Ducks lead the Pacific division with 85 points. Even as the trend for this game is up 8% during the week, fans could still get Anaheim Ducks tickets for this game for just $29, which should make this game a steal.

These games should be big enough to keep NHL fans going through the Olympics. The games during the Olympics are also an exciting time for hockey fans, but diehard NHL fans can take solace in the good matchups in the next few days before they have to wait until the end of the month for games to return.

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