Top Broadway Tickets Of The Week (2/17)

February 18, 2014

Broadway tickets can usually be had for shows eight times per week for many shows, but the most popular shows towards the end of the week see a spike in prices on the secondary market. This week the most in demand tickets on Broadway see some of the highest prices of the week as the weekend approaches, but some others have expensive prices at the beginning of the week. The top five Broadway tickets of the week all have an average secondary market average above $250.

2/18/14 - Motown the Musical | Avg. Price: $425 | Get-in Price: $186

The musical covering the early years of Motown music has been one of the best new shows since debuting in April 2013. Motown The Musical tickets for the show on the Tuesday night have the highest average and get-in price of the week.

2/19/14 - Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $334 | Get-in Price: $157

Also debuting in April of 2013 was Kinky Boots, which has been just as popular as Motown the Musical. Kinky Boots tickets for the Wednesday night show has increased 5% over the past week to boost the average price.

2/19/14 - Wicked | Avg. Price: $323 | Get-in Price: $104

Wicked continues to be one of the most popular shows on Broadway. Wicked tickets for Wednesday’s show have gone up 17% over the past week, but still have the lowest get-in price of the top five shows this week.

2/19/14 - Book of Mormon | Avg. Price: $277 | Get-in Price: $184

Continuing on Wednesday is the most expensive Book of Mormon show of the week. Book of Mormon tickets have dropped 1% over the past week, having a much lower average price than Wicked, but a significantly higher get-in price. The $184 get-in price is the highest for any of the top shows of the week.

2/22/14 - The Lion King | Avg. Price: $254 | Get-in Price: $137

The Lion King is still running strong after almost two decades of performances. It happens to be the only top show this week taking place over the weekend. Lion King tickets have increased 2% over the past week. The Saturday show creeps in as the most expensive Lion King performance of the week.

Even with these shows having the most expensive prices of the week, there are plenty of chances each week to catch the biggest Broadway shows every week whether it be the weekend or in the middle of the week.