Top NBA Tickets Of The WeeK (2/17)

Now that the All-Star Break is over and done with as the East won a record setting game 163-155 against the Western Conference it is time to once again bring our focus back to the regular season. The NBA is now in a two and a half month long sprint to the finish line to see what teams can earn a playoff berth and hopefully make some waves come May. This week is the start of that sprint and features some very high profile games, including one that is a rematch of the 2012 NBA Finals.

1) 2/20 Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder Avg $403 / Get-in $116 / Up 4%

The biggest game of this week is a matchup between the two best players in the NBA right now, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. This Thursday night game will have the 2014 NBA MVP in it but it is yet to be seen which player that will be, Durant or James. These Oklahoma City Thunder tickets are by far and away the biggest/most expensive of the week at $105 more than the next closest game at an average ticket price of $403 with a pricey Get-in of $116.

2) 2/22 Brooklyn Nets at Golden State Warriors Avg $298 / Get-in $30 / Up 9%

Under Jason Kidd the Brooklyn Nets have finally started to turn things around as they have been playing much better as the season has progressed and are presently the 7th seed in the East at a record of 24-27. On Saturday they travel cross country to play the physical Golden State Warriors who are led by Stephen Curry for the last time of the season. Golden State Warriors tickets for this game are going for an average of $298 with a very modest Get-in of $30.

3) 2/19 San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers Avg $289 / Get-in $51 / Up 47%

While this game between San Antonio and Portland my not fetch the highest price on the secondary market, it is probably the best overall game as these two teams are stacked with talent from top to bottom and lead their respective divisions. At an average price of $289 Trail Blazers tickets for this game ranks third priciest of any this week which has only happened recently as tickets were going for much less just a few days ago, but the course of the past week tickets for this contest have gone up by an astounding 47% to its current price with a Get-in of $51.

4) 2/18 Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks Avg $267 / Get-in $65 / Up 27%

Much like our top game of the week, which also feature the Miami Heat, this contest is also a rematch of a past NBA Finals but rather than 2012 when the Heat won, this rematch is of the 2011 NBA Finals which the Heat lost. Mavericks tickets for this tilt have increased by 27% in the past week to move this game up to #4 in our countdown averaging $267 and a Get-in price of $65.

5) 2/21 San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns Avg $236 / Get-in $48 / Up 2%

Rounding out our list of the five most expensive games of the week is this Friday night showdown between the Spurs and Suns in Phoenix. The Spurs look like a team on a mission to return to the NBA Finals after a heartbreaking loss a season ago and will play the Suns in a matchup we can see later on in the Playoffs as they are the 2nd and 7th seeds respectively in the West. Phoenix Suns tickets for this potential playoff meeting are going for $236 on average with a Get-in price of $48.


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