Breaking Down The Red Sox Remaining Spring Training Games

The Boston Red Sox have just four Spring Training games left until the start of the regular season. So far the Boston Red Sox have not performed as well as they had hoped in Spring Training going just 9-15 to date, which puts them tied for dead last in the Grapefruit League play.

One bright spot for the Boston Red Sox has to be the surprising play of Grady Sizemore this spring. At one time Sizemore was one of the highest regarded prospects in the major leagues while playing for the Cleveland Indians where he was a three time All-Star earning two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger Award. Sizemore was on pace to become the face of the organization but beginning in 2010 suffered injuries that would keep him out of the MLB for the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

This year he signed a one year contract to compete with rookie Jackie Bradley Jr. as the Sox looked to replace Jacoby Ellsbury who left to go to the New York Yankees in the offseason. Sizemore has outplayed expectations and has earned the starting spot in centerfield this Spring Training while going 10 for 33 with a home run coming in yesterdays 4-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

Tonight the Red Sox will yet again play the Baltimore Orioles in one of their last remaining Grapefruit League games left. This game is also the cheapest game the Sox play in before Opening Day as it is averaging just $38 after falling in price by an astonishing 28%. After today the Red Sox play a three game series with the Minnesota Twins over three days with Boston hosting the first and last game. Tickets for all three of these games are very similar in price with the first game averaging $68 and the latter both going for $63.

Boston is hopeful that things will get back on track once the regular season begins for them on Monday March 31st when they play the Baltimore Orioles for the third time in a week. With Opening Day fast approaching it would be in fans best interest to get Red Sox tickets for the 2014 season now before they go up in price.


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