Breaking Down The Top 5 Remaining Games For The Miami Heat

Just over a month remains in the NBA regular season and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat sit in second place in the Eastern Conference. With the strength, or lack thereof, of the rest of the conference, there might not be much difference between the No. 1 and No. 2 seed in the playoffs. Before they worry about playoff opponents, Miami still has 12 home games remaining in the regular season. Heat tickets have been some of the league’s most expensive tickets this season and the top five remaining games at American Airlines Arena are no different.

4/11 vs Indiana Pacers | Avg. Price: $411.96 | Get-in Price: $107

Indiana is the Eastern Conference leader and the biggest threat to stopping Miami from reaching the Finals for the fourth straight season. This could be a game of poker with neither team showing too much of their hand, but these two teams squaring off is easily the most expensive Heat game for the rest of the season.

4/6 vs New York Knicks | Avg. Price: $319 | Get-in Price: $56

The Knicks certainly aren’t where many expected them to be, but the name value alone keeps the price up for this game. Though there is a steep drop in both the get-in an average prices from the Indiana game.

3/16 vs Houston Rockets | Avg. Price: $318.67 | Get-in Price: $38

When James Harden and Dwight Howard come to Miami, the average price is almost the same as the Knicks, but the get-in price is much lower. With Houston on a roll since the end of January, there’s a chance this could be an NBA Finals preview.

3/34 vs Portland Trail Blazers | Avg. Price: $274.88 | Get-in Price: $70

Portland is currently the second highest scoring team in the NBA, making any game they’re in exciting. Even with a dip in average price from the above games, the get-in price against the Trail Blazers is the second highest for the remaining games in Miami.

4/8 vs Brooklyn Nets | Avg. Price: $259.78 | Get-in Price: $49

Brooklyn is another team playing below preseason expectations, but their above .500 record is enough for them to be in playoff position. There’s enough history with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett as Miami opponents to add intrigue to this game regardless how the teams are playing.

Ticket prices for the playoffs are sure to only go up once the postseason starts. It’s unlikely any of the get-in prices for the playoffs will be at the prices they are for these final regular season home games, giving Heat fans a chance to see some of the top teams in the league at a relatively low price.

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