Forbes: Breaking Down AAC Tournament Tickets

This time we break down prices for the new American Athletic Conference tournament and how AAC tournament tickets, with teams like defending National Champion Louisville and UConn, could be the best bargain of all the NCAA basketball conference tournament this season, here's some of the article via Forbes:

Over the last 10 days, the average price for tickets to the inaugural American Athletic Conference (AAC) tournament have increased 20% to an average price of $102. That average price makes it the 5th most expensive conference tournament– just $20 below ACC Tournament tickets. Of course, the ACC has a lot more history than the AAC, with lineage dating back to 1954.  Based on history, the ACC can lay claim to being the powerhouse of college baseketball, much like the SEC in college football.  This year, however, they have one less team ranked in the top 25 than the AAC. With five of their ten teams currently-ranked in the top 25, AAC tournament tickets may be the best deal of any conference tournaments this year.

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