Forbes: Previewing 2014's Biggest EDM Festivals, Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival

South By Southwest kicked off this week, marking the start of the 2014 music festival season and EDM is one of the hottest genres on the 2014 music festival scene, and it's only growing in popularity. Yesterday, we broke down two of the biggest EDM festivals and their tickets on, Electric Daisy Carnival tickets and the Ultra Music Festival tickets.

EDM is the acronym for Electronic Dance Music, which is a rapidly-growing genre of music that originated from DJ-driven sampling and remixing. Once the domain of night clubs where DJs ply their trade, EDM has expanded into a full-blown movement. Some would say it’s even analogous to the peace and love ethos of the 1970s, which was perpetuated by festivals like Woodstock. Like Woodstock, EDM festivals have moved outdoors, and this summer, there will be at least seven major festivals across the country with names like The Electric Forest Festival, Electric Zoo Festival and San Francisco LovEvolution technoparade. The first of these festivals is the Ultra Music Festival, which kicks off at the end of this month in Miami. Based on data from TicketIQ, Ultra Music Festival tickets have an average price on the secondary market of $697, or $200 more than the face price of the ticket after fees. That makes it one of the most expensive concert tickets of the season. At an average of over $230 a day for the festival, Ultra is as expensive as many other brand-name acts like Cher tickets, Lady Gaga tickets and Bruce Springsteen tickets. Ultra took a risk in raising ticket prices by 30% this year, which has been a cause of message-board consternation since they announced the increase.


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