A Look At Masters Tickets With The Tournament Just A Month Away

(UPDATE) Prices for Masters tickets have been dropping this week for all days. Only five four-day passes remain on the secondary market at an average price of $4.736, which is a 2% decline over the past week, but still cheaper than the added average price of the four individual days. Single day tickets all have an average price of at least $1,200. Thursday’s price has dropped the most, down 18% this week, with the championship round on Sunday dropping the least with only a 4% decline. Under 500 tickets are still available for each individual session.


In just a months’ time, the golf world will be crowning their 2014 Masters Champion. In the ticketing community, Masters tickets are some of the hardest and most expensive to come by similar to Super Bowl Tickets, and Kentucky Derby Tickets. The current average ticket price for a Week Badge to the Masters Tournament is $4,477 with daily badges going for anywhere between $1,100-$1,300. Compare that to the face value which ranges from $36 for practice rounds to $250 for weekly badges that are given to members of the club and locals in the community.

The Masters Tickets

Although the secondary market has some badges available for this prestigious golf event, there are many local laws and restrictions from Augusta Country Club. For one, Augusta Country Club strictly prohibits the resale of any ticket to the tournament by a non-licensed ticket broker as stated on the back of the badge that are given out via a public lottery. Augusta tells patrons with tickets that if they are caught selling tickets that they have gotten from them that they will be revoked at the cost of the badge holder. With that said if you are heading down to Augusta in early April there are still options in terms of buying tickets. It is legal to purchase tickets and badges from licensed ticket brokers in the state of Georgia. Although it is legal for these brokers to sell tickets to patrons looking to get in, they cannot do it close to the venue. Due to state laws, brokers must sell these tickets a minimum of 2,700 feet, so most will set up shop at local hotels or even on roads leading to the course.

Compared to last year, prices for the Master come at quite a bargain. The resurgence of Tiger last year before the tournament helped create a real excitement and also helped to boost ticket prices on the resale market. Just before the tournament last year, a week badge was going for over $10,000, which is about double the weekly badge resale price for 2014 ($4,477).

So, if you are planning to head down to Augusta this year for the Masters and were not lucky enough to be picked in the lottery for tickets, there are still many options at a relative discount in price from last year. If you do decide to buy tickets via the secondary market be careful that you follow and abide by Georgia State laws regarding resale of event tickets. No matter if you are planning on attending or just watching on TV, this years Masters should be as competitive as ever.

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